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Thread started by Dave Winer on Monday, December 17, 2012.

Homeland finale was great!

Spoilers ahead. And this is not a movie, it's a TV show. Hopefully NakedJen won't mind. :-)


A picture named carrieBrody.gifThey were playing with us. I love it when writers do that. They had set expectations very low for the finale. They seemed to have shot their wad in the next-to-last episode. And they had set it up so that Brody was going to get offed. Saul was about to become homeless. Carrie was playing the fool. The whole story arc was pointed in one direction, and in the first half of the last episode, they kept going down that path.

I didn't tweet during the show, but I went back after it was over and saw that people were saying what I was feeling. B O R I N G. I was playing Angry Birds up until the moment when Brody was praying to Allah, and Quinn had him in his site. I perked up for that. Okay they're going to kill Brody now. Then we see Carrie driving to the cabin, looking for Brody. We're expecting her to fall apart when she realizes he's not there. Looking. Looking. Oh there you are. Brody, alive and well and smiling.

Gotcha! Oooops. But that was just the first one. And definitely not the biggest.

Turns out Quinn changed his mind. Lame. Estes changes his mind. Even lamer.

Then the explosion and all the deaths. Another gotcha we didn't see coming. One thing I love about this show, just when we're getting tired of a character, they kill him. This time they swept up 200 characters in one blast. Now that's TV! :-)

But... that wasn't even the biggest one. Brody explains this was Nazir's plot all along. Had to be. Carrie is in disbelief, and so are we. Until a few scenes later, we see Brody's taped confession on CNN, along with 8 billion other people glued to their sets. And the daughter. A few scenes later she sees the TV trucks assembling, yet again, in front of her house. Her life is fucked. Her boyfriend is dead (one of the 200). Her father, who she just learned for sure is a terrorist, who didn't do this deed (she believes, and so do we, hah), is going down for it.

And Brody he's going to Canada with a fake passport but the same face.

They're fucking with us, for sure -- but it is so entertaining.

This is not real, it's TV. It's not supposed to add up. It's just supposed to astonish, surprise, tweak, make us giggle at its audacity, and most important, entertain -- and it does that so damned well.

We're ready for another season. Too bad we have to wait! :-(

PS: What about F Murray Abraham?

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